3 Easy Ways to Control Blood Sugar for Office Employees Who Have Diabetes

Diabetes is no longer a disease of grandparents. This disease can occur in people who are still actively working, not just those who have retired.

Diabetes is not your barrier to being productive. But if you are an office employee who has diabetes, it is important to always maintain a healthy body so that you can continue to actively work, right? For that, you must keep your blood sugar levels normal. You can take the best diabetes medication at the Canada Pharmacy.

The trick is not just by taking medication. You also have to support the treatment of your diabetes by adopting a healthy lifestyle. That way, you can still be active and comfortable working, wherever and whenever.

If I have diabetes, should I tell the office?

If you have diabetes and are still working, telling the office about your illness is important. So, the office can understand and support the care and implementation of a healthy lifestyle. One of the best treatments for diabetics is Canadian Pharmacy Online.

For example, it is easier for you to take time off to do a routine health check at the hospital or give relief about office events, for example, an annual outdoor gathering at a recreational park, which might risk making you easily exhausted or injured.

Tips for controlling normal blood sugar in the office

If you have just been diagnosed with diabetes and have difficulty maintaining normal blood sugar levels in the office, follow the following tips:

  1. Pay attention to the eating menu and mealtime correctly

Having diabetes requires you to set a meal and choose a healthy diet. Why? Late breakfast or irregular meal times can trigger blood sugar levels to be very low. It would be better if you take time for breakfast at home so you don’t have to bother preparing breakfast at the office.

Then, don’t forget to make sure the food menu is safe for your blood sugar. If you were used to eating in a cafeteria or cafeteria, start to prepare your own lunch from home. You can choose menus and healthier foods.

Maybe you should prioritize fruits or vegetables with a low glycemic index. Also, pay attention to how to process food and reduce the meal portion from usual. Avoid eating packaged snacks, which contain preservatives, sugar, and additional salt.

Maintaining food intake while in office, not only keeps blood sugar levels normal but also keeps body weight under control.

  1. Routinely check blood sugar

The body naturally is able to adjust blood sugar levels to return to normal. However, in diabetics, the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar is impaired. So, diabetics must routinely check their blood sugar as a treatment step and prevent blood sugar from rising uncontrollably.

Checking blood sugar does not have to go to a hospital or clinic. You can check blood sugar with a portable electronic device called a glucose meter or blood sugar meter. It’s easy, you just stick the needle on your finger as a blood sample.

How much you make a blood sugar check is adjusted to how severe your diabetes is. Usually, blood sugar checks are done twice a day, namely before breakfast and after food or before going to bed. For mild diabetes, blood sugar checks do not need to be done every day.

  1. Make sure there is physical activity between work hours

Office workers spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer screen, and very rarely active. Not to mention if you have to work overtime. This is certainly a barrier for diabetics to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Actually, inserting physical activity between office hours is not difficult to do. For example, it is as simple as choosing to climb stairs rather than take an elevator, or choose to walk to work rather than public transportation.

In addition, there is no harm in trying to submit ideas to the office to support employees to be able to exercise more freely physically. For example, opening a free sports class after going home from work.

Government offices should also have implemented stretching exercises every 10 am and 2 pm to support each employee to live healthier and more actively move. Hopefully, this activity can also be carried out by all companies, not only the government but also the private sector.

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